About Jen

I am wife to a wonderful husband, a mother of three amazing children, and a freelance writer with a passion for running.

Before having my children, I would describe myself as a casual runner, maybe even (gasp) a jogger. But I wouldn’t say running, and I loved one another. Not yet.

It wasn’t until my first-born son was diagnosed with autism that I started running distances longer than two or three miles. At the time, my son’s diagnosis was devastating. It has at times, felt like an overwhelming, impossible struggle. It’s what prompted me to run that first marathon.That was the genesis of my genuine love and appreciation for running and all the gifts it provides me.

My first marathon was the New Jersey Long Branch Marathon in 2008. For me, it was a test. A time for me to prove the impossible is possible. I achieved my “ impossible”, crossing the finish line as my family cheered me on. Since then I’ve run five full marathons, countless half marathons, and have even taken a liking to tower races, having completed The Sears Tower Climb, The Empire State Building Run-Up, and the first inaugural World Trade Center run up. I’ve reduced my marathon time from a 5:28 marathon to 4:04 in last year’s NYC Marathon. This year, I hope to break four hours.

Running provides more than just exercise. It is my solace, my church of sorts. When I’m alone with my thoughts, I can breath easier. I run when I’m happy to celebrate an accomplishment one of my children worked hard to achieve. I run when I’m upset or angry to relieve the stress. I sprint to shake off the ugliness of a particularly rough day. I run long to celebrate my son achieving things I never imagined possible. I pray for my friends and my family on my runs and enjoy the beautiful community in which I live, rich with beaches, horse farms, and parks.

After freelancing in the business technology space for fifteen years, I decided on a new direction. I’ve since become a certified RRCA running coach, am working towards my VDOT certification and hold certifications in both plant-based and Sports Nutrition. My goal is to share my passion for running (and running technology and science) through this site while offering individualized coaching to all types of runners from those looking to run their first 5k to those looking to Boston Qualify.

To learn more about Autism, please check out Autism Speaks and the Organization for Autism Research websites.

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