Marathon Training While Travelling: Not for the Faint of Heart

We’re off to San Francisco! It’s the first week of my kick ass 24-week Marine Corps Marathon training plan, and I’m sitting on a plane headed to sunny San Francisco. I love that I will start this training season by logging miles in a new city though I am nervous travelling with my husband and three children in tow may derail my plans. (It won’t. They recognize how susceptible I am to grouchiness-caused-by-not-running syndrome. “No, mom. Please, please go for a run!”)  To avoid getting stymied during my first week without disrupting the family fun, I plan to stay on New York time. So I figure I will be up by 4 am- if I force myself to remain in bed. Parents will understand the early hours. Take heed young- twenty-somethings and those without children: once you have children never again will you sleep past 6:30 am. Never. Ever. Not on weekends or holidays or day’s off. It just won’t happen. It doesn’t matter if it is a Saturday or a Sunday or a Wednesday. Really, it is all the same day. You are awake. There is stuff to do. Laundry to be washed. Coffee to be made. Dogs to be walked. Coffee to be made. Did I mention coffee? I need so much coffee.

My children are 9,12, and 13 so in truth, they now sleep later than I do. All those years of having to get up early with them have me on a perpetual early morning program. Again, I speak to the twenty-somethings or those without children who silently read this and ask why I don’t just start sleeping in. If I did that — if I even could do that, actually, because I just automatically get up at that time now and I am not sure it is possible and believe me I’ve tried–  but if I did and were able to sleep I would forfeit any and all peace and quiet I enjoy in the early morning hours before my monsters…Errr I mean lovely children… wake up.  Plus in today’s world of overscheduled children (times three) I would have no time to get anything done. The driving from one sport to another or one therapy to another for some of my children eats up an entire Saturday. Also, I got a puppy (because not busy?) in October, and he loves to get up early and go for a little walk. Honestly, even when I am exhausted, spending time with Charlie is so therapeutic and calming I (hardly) mind the 6:30 wake up call. But again, I’d probably be up regardless.

How Long Is a Plane Aisle Anyway?

Do any other runners have trouble sitting on a plane for five and half hours? I can’t help but wonder how many repeats I could run up and down these aisles. Sigh. This is a long flight, and there are three hours left. For some reason, my nine-year-old, who would sooner lose a limb than told she has to shut off the television, does not want to watch TV. The joys of parenting never cease. Musings over.