Custom One-on-One Coaching 16 weeks


  • Initial Assessment.
  • A custom training plan based on your current fitness level, training availability, and past race performances.
  • Changes and modifications to the plan as needed, as you progress.
  • Unlimited access to your coach via email.
  • Weekly phone conversation, if needed.
  • Specific pacing targets and strategies for each run.
  • Training and racing tips.
  • Advice regarding running form, cross-training, carb-loading instructions and fueling suggestions.


Please allow four days for plan creation from the time you submit your waiver and athlete questionnaire to



Who should use a personal coach? This option fantastic for the newer runner who may feel overwhelmed by new distances or who may be attempting to run a particular distance for the first time. Likewise, a seasoned athlete may require a personal coach to break through to that next level, whether it be hitting a new personal record or qualifying for Boston. As runners, we tend to find a training schedule that works for us and as a result, we stick to the same training plan for each new race we attempt. The problem with this is once you plateau, you may find your finish times stagnate or worse, diminish.
A personal coach is skilled in providing a differentiated program that can help set and achieve realistic goals. We will tweak the plan throughout the cycle and customize it based on how you perform, your fitness level, and your available time to train. Get rid of trial and error, step up your game, and reap the benefits of hands-on coaching!


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